Allergy-Friendly Food Items From Hampton Creek Make People’s Lives Easier

People who need to find certain kinds of foods considered allergy-friendly will want to Learn more about Hampton Creek. This company is dedicated to developing more natural processed convenience foods that avoid some of the more common allergens. Not every Hampton Creek product is completely free of every type of common food allergen, so it’s important for concerned individuals to read the labels and even check the company’s website or Facebook page if they want to be absolutely certain. Nevertheless, numerous items from Hampton Creek are labeled as free of foods that plague children and adults alike.

Food allergies typically make their presence known in early childhood. Parents are faced with keeping the youngster’s diet free of eggs, soy or other allergens that have caused rashes, sneezing, digestive issues or even worse symptoms. Most kids outgrow their allergies by their teen years; parents can have an allergist check the child occasionally with a blood test to verify when it’s safe to start eating the once-problem food. Unfortunately, some people must continue dealing with these allergies throughout adulthood, making Hampton Creek products particularly appealing.

All of the company’s food items to date are guaranteed to be free of egg content. Many parents have no doubt said, “Thank goodness” upon discovering the egg-free sandwich spread called Just Mayo, as well as refrigerated cookie dough and salad dressings. If the youngster grows out of the egg allergy, he or she may want to try more conventional versions of mayonnaise and the other foods. However, the Hampton Creek items are so delicious there will probably be no reason to switch.

All of the products are also verified as not containing any dairy items. Hampton Creek does not want to include animal-based substances in its products for various reasons, such as the environmentally unfriendly nature of factory farms and the animal cruelty those facilities are known for. Most of the food producer’s items also don’t contain soy. That’s because Hampton Creek is committed to creating as many foods as possible without genetically modified organisms, and it’s become tough to buy soy without it being a GMO crop.

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